Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Greater Manassas Volunteer Rescue Squad is to provide high quality Emergency Medical Services, education, and support for the citizens of the City of Manassas and surrounding jurisdictions on every call, every day.

Our Core Values - PRIDE

Professionalism: We seek to earn the admiration and respect of our peers and those we serve through the EMS skills we demonstrate every day.

Respect: We listen to and treat all others, especially our fellow EMS providers and patients, with patience, kindness, empathy, and compassion.

Integrity: We are honest, doing what is honorable and trustworthy in all matters, and owning our stuff when we fall short.

Dedication: We are committed to serve our community, its citizens, and our patients with ongoing high quality care and exceptional organizational performance.

Excellence: We strive to exceed expectations; learning new skills, having fun, and growing personally for the benefit of the Squad and those we serve.

Pete Rockx



Nancy Orndoff



Ron Angus

Aux President